Gretchen Rubin
Guest Essay
New York Times, April 2023
“Today, I will explain to my healthy transplanted heart why, in what may be a matter of days or weeks at best, she — well, we — will die.”
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My Glory Was I Had Such Friends

CBS Sunday Morning
“Heart to Heart,” CBS Sunday Morning interview with Amy, June 2017

Phi Beta Kappa
Live the Heck Out of Each Day
The Phi Beta Kappa Society, May 2021
“Amy Silverstein is a veteran when it comes to persevering through the unexpected… now with two bestselling books and an upcoming television series, Silverstein has shown that it is possible to not only survive but thrive under the most dire of circumstances.”
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Hallmark Channel
Amy on The Home & Family Show on the Hallmark Channel, July 2017

Health Magazine
How Friendship Helped Save a 50-Year-Old Woman’s Life During Her Second Heart Transplant
People, October 2017
“We have all become, in our 50-year-old selves, powerful women,” she says. “We felt our power in that hospital room, and we were able to use it together this way towards this end goal.”
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Women's Health
Friends for Life
Women’s Health, July/August 2017
“We know what happened in that room, and it was war-like in many ways. And we won, incredibly so.”
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The National
The importance of ‘showing up’ for a friend
The National, July 2017
“On the occasion of World Friendship Day, Silverstein tells The National about the importance of friends such as these, how they brought her back from the brink of hopelessness and why they went all out to be there for her.”
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Good Housekeeping
A Late-Night Conversation, 10 Days Before I Thought I Was Going to Die
Good Housekeeping, July 2017
“We discovered a new best in ourselves together because I was dying, really dying this time, and we weren’t 25 anymore.”
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That time when your friends step up during a health crisis
AirTalk (NPR), July 2017
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Female friendship is spectacular
Salon, July 2017
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‘They held me up’: Women band together to keep their dying friend afloat
Today, July 2017
“…without my friends, I would have spiraled into a terrible depression. I would have given up… I could not have done it without them.”
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Interview with Salon
Salon, July 2017
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ABC News
Heart transplant survivor credits friends with saving her life
ABC News, July 2017
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Well + Good
Three Things Every Woman Should Know About Friendship
Well + Good, July 2017
“There’s a patience and healing ability that comes with age, and a deep kindness and staying power that feels good to use.”
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Gretchen Rubin
Gretchen Rubin, June 2017
“I simply have to be courageous and put all my energy into hope and life, rather than trying to avoid doom and death…”
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Sick Girl

New York Times
The Choices Patients Make
The New York Times, October 2008
“Long-term heart transplant survivor Amy Silverstein writes about the choices she has made, and the complex emotions that inform those decisions, in her memoir Sick Girl (Grove Press, 2007). In the lives of the chronically ill, she writes, ‘Despair most certainly can coexist with joy. Anger with hope. Sadness with gratitude.'”
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Elle Magazine
The Heart of the Matter
Elle, October 2007
“The odds confronted in Silverstein’s memoir, Sick Girl, are daunting, and the crowning miracle is that she wrote this feisty, insightful, improbable book at all. Silverstein has cheated death to thrive in her post-transplant existence and to write about it with incredible courage, determination, self-scrutiny, and verve.”
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Marie Claire
Fixing My Heart
Marie Claire, October 2007
“It’s not easy to live with a transplanted heart, yet your book is really the first time your friends and family had a glimpse of how hard it is. Amy: ‘Yeah. People don’t recognize that it’s hard because I’m not toting around an oxygen tank, and I appear to be fine. I kind of live a disguised life…'”
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Oprah Magazine
True Stories of Love, Loss, Longing
O Magazine, October 2007
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Glamour Magazine
7 Things You’ll Love This Month
Glamour, October 2007
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Good Housekeeping Magazine
No Matter What Mood You’re in, We Have a Great Book for You
Good Housekeeping, October 2007
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Health Magazine
5 Minutes With…A Heart-Transplant Survivor
Health, October 2007
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People Magazine
Living with a Transplanted Heart
People, October 2007
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Self Magazine
Close to the Heart
Self, November 2007
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Life Extension Magazine
Heart Girl
Life Extension, December 2007
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Change of Heart
Metro, December 2007
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Life Extension Magazine
What’s New
Newsday, October 2007
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